Catinaccio Hiking Center | Val di Fassa | Dolomites

The Catinaccio in summer

The Catinaccio is the ideal place to spend your summer holidays in the Alps, admiring the red glow of the peaks at dawn and dusk every day. In fact, the Catinaccio/Rosengarten is famous due to the legend of King Laurin, the most evocative vista in the "pale mountains":

Legend has it that King Laurin cursed the Catinaccio, once his greatest source of pride, because of his unrequited love for Simhild, the king’s beautiful daughter. "Neither the bright day nor the dark night should ever again see the magnificence of the roses!" However, Laurin forgot about the twilight in his curse, the moment that separates day from night. From then on, in the evenings and in the mornings, the alpenglow phenomenon turns the Catinaccio a crimson red.

Summer on the Catinaccio will enchant and surprise you with its many activities among the peaks of the Dolomites, a designated UNESCO World Heritage site.