Catinaccio Hiking Center | Val di Fassa | Dolomites

Guided tours on the Catinaccio

LIVE THE MOUNTAIN Programme 2018 ... LET YOURSELF BE TRANSPORTED: there are many supervised activities available from 18/06 to 09/09 at Vigo di Fassa and Pera di Fassa. Immerse yourself in the nature of the Catinaccio/Rosengarten group, where you can participate in a variety of outings, depending on your aptitudes and abilities. These are high-altitude activities starting from Ciampedie, and all are free of charge (except the lifts).

Monday 9.30am, Nordic Walking/Trekking and Kneipp therapy beneath the peaks of the Dolomites: excursion to Gardeccia to learn the technique of Nordic and mountain walking. There’s a hydrotherapy circuit among the pebbles of a stream below the peaks of the Dolomites along the way.

Tuesday and Saturday 10.15am: Te coa de la Schieràtola (In the Squirrel's Den): an easy, 2-hour hike suitable for anyone to get to know the forest, its plants and the squirrel’s natural habitat.

Thursday 9.30am, Geology, Legends and History: in the wake of the "Devil of the Dolomites" Tita Piaz: following the Forest Path, we head towards Gardeccia and continue towards Vajolet in the footsteps of Tita Piaz, the legendary mountaineer of the early 20th century. Arrival at the Vajolet at about 12.30 for a packed lunch, or in the Vajolet or Preuss refuges. Return around 3.30pm.

Sunday at 9.00am, Facts, Flavours and the Environment: we meet the marmot. Quite a long but easy hike. We head along the "Vial de le Feide" or "Alta Via dei Fassani" paths towards the Roda di Vael, revisiting rural life before the advent of tourism. At 12.30pm, arrival at Vael for a packed lunch or at the Roda di Vael or Baita Marino Pederiva refuges. On towards the Passo di Costalunga along path 549 and descent by chairlift. Return to Vigo and Pera by scheduled bus at 2.28pm.

All the "Live the Mountain" Programme events are of easy and medium difficulty to suit all hikers. They are aimed at both beginners – not too demanding – as well as the more experienced, and reveal interesting facts about the environment. No reservation is required. Participants can proceed independently to other destinations in the Catinaccio/Rosengarten group once they reach the destination.

The Ciampedie can be reached in 5 minutes with the cable car from Vigo di Fassa, or from Pera di Fassa with the modernised chairlifts.